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v. com-pos-ing

Creating or producing (a literary or musical piece).

In a sense, this is the ultimate synthesis of arranging and orchestration implemented with original melodic material. Creating a balanced, satisfying melody can be a complex feat. We are constantly inundated with music all around us (movies, TV, radio, Muzak in stores/elevators, etc.). All of this music influences any melody we might construct, so we always run the risk of writing an “original” idea that is really just an existing melody from somewhere in our subconscious. Once we write an original melody, we must see if it can properly serve our intended purpose. Is it “catchy”? Can it be manipulated to create continuous ongoing interest? Is it conducive to counter-melodies, bridges, or contrasting sections? If we can answer yes, then we can progress to the development stage, and run the melody through the parameters of arranging and orchestration.

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