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n. cop-y-ist

 Someone hired to produce clear and polished sheet music from an often scribbled score of the composer. 

This may seem to be the easiest of the four categories listed here, but looks can be deceiving. While the majority of copy work is basic musical data entry (putting the notes in the score/parts, adding all relevant markings, etc.), there are numerous rules and conventions to keep in mind when creating a final printed score. Spacing and layout are two major aspects to consider, and many organizations have rules or guidelines to follow. Orchestra librarians have guidelines for adding cues, notation of doublings, page layout, part layout including page turns, fonts to be utilized, etc.. Publishers tend to go even further with their formatting regulations and preferences. No matter who the project is for, it must be clean and easily readable. Rehearsal letters/numbers may need to be added, long spans of rests broken up and cues added, repeated figures shown with measure counts, etc.. When completed with proper care, music copy work is both detailed and artful.

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